What is the temporary password in a pet parent's profile used for?

This article will walk you through when and how you can use the temporary password found in a pet parent's profile page to help them get their Anipanion account set up.


You may see a Temporary Password line if you look at the profile of a pet parent after sending out the Welcome Email to the clients Anipanion found in your integrated PIMS (Cornerstone, AVImark, and Impromed for now, but more to come!). This Temporary Password will only appear on the profiles of pet parents who have not yet logged into the Anipanion account that has been created for them. The Welcome Email tells them that password, along with the email used as their user ID, but pet parents may lose track of that email or otherwise reach out to your practice for help getting their Anipanion account up and running.


IMPORTANT! - The temporary password will only appear on the profiles of pet parents who have never logged into Anipanion! The first time they log in, they will be prompted to confirm their personal and pet information and set a new password. If the temporary password line is not on a pet parent's profile and they don't know their password, they should use the forgot password link on the Pet App login screen to reset their password.


This password is in two places -

1. The pet parent's profile is accessible by clicking on the Pet Parents tab, then the Pet App subtab. You can find a specific pet parent by searching for them with the search bar at the top. Open the profile by clicking on View Details on the far right, under the Action column.


2. The details page for the pet parent on the Email Marketing subtab, under the Marketing tab. You can use the search bar at the top here to find a specific pet parent as well. Again, clicking on View Details under the Action column will open the details page. This page will also show the full login (user email and password) that the pet parent should use to access their Anipanion account.



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