How can I track my pet's medications?

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Anipanion makes it easy to keep track of all of your pet's medications and when it's time to give them, so you never miss a dose!


Step 1

To track an activity, tap on the Activity button on the Home tab. You will be prompted to select a pet that did the activity.


You can also add an activity from your pet\'s Journal page with the Activity button at the bottom of the screen.


Step 2

Select the Medicate icon from the activities menu.





Step 3

When logging your pet\'s medication, you can indicate which medication you gave to the journal by searching for it in our product catalog.




If your pet's medication isn't listed, you can add the name and type of medicine yourself, and it will be saved for future use by selecting +Add product.



Step 4

Document the time the medication was taken. The time listed for the activity will default to the current time of day if left unselected.




The journal entry also includes a space to include Notes and Add a Photo.




You can either take a picture of your pet or the medication in the moment using your phone, or upload an existing photo.


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