Clinic Tasks that are Easy Wins for Veterinary Telehealth

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Although telehealth can be an intimidating and controversial term in veterinary medicine, it is something that most practices are already doing in-house. If you are communicating with a client using email, text, social media, or phone calls, you are performing telehealth.


Using Anipanion’s telehealth platform will channel these communications into an easy-to-manage app, will monetize these discussions, and will introduce more flexibility into your workday. Consider using Anipanion and bring these easy telehealth wins to your practice!



The best way to build your practice and to have satisfied pet parents is by following up with your patients. Instead of using the phone, use the Anipanion chat feature to check in with your patient 24 hours after surgery, the day after a hospital discharge, or after any medical diagnosis. The client will feel cared for and patient symptoms will be monitored more frequently, all while saving time on the phone lines.


Pictures and Videos

Clients love, L.O.V.E. pictures and videos of their pets! They can’t get enough. Images of their pets assure them that their pets are happy and healthy. These images serve to ease pet parents' anxieties. It shows the pet parent that you care. Send a picture post-op with the patient snuggling a stuffed animal. Send a video of their pets playing and running while boarding. Send a picture of their pets being well-behaved during grooming. Send videos of their pets being examined. The possibilities are endless and clients will be thrilled!


Lab Results

Send uncomplicated lab results using the Anipanion chat feature. Negative fecal, CBCs, and Chemistries that are within normal limits and UA’s that have no significant findings can all be texted to the client. Texting has become the preferred method of communication for consumers. Texting results are highly efficient and desirable. It’s easy to attach lab results and other documentation to an Anipanion chat!



Does a pet need to be seen ASAP? Does this pet need to go to the ER? Can the medical issue be managed at home for now? Very rarely is a client-perceived emergency, an actual veterinary emergency. Being able to virtually triage a sick pet and help a distressed pet parent is an extremely valuable service for the client and will save the veterinary staff time. The emergency diarrhea case or ear infection issue that would normally call you 10 minutes before closing can now be triaged with Anipanion, managed at home overnight, and scheduled for an in-clinic appointment. The client feels cared for by receiving quick medical advice, and personalized attention, and has a plan for their pet. The staff can leave on time: win-win.



The most amazing part of telehealth is the flexibility it can afford the veterinary staff. Triage, lab results, and medical follow-ups, whether through video or chat, can all be performed remotely. This allows for a veterinary staff member to work from home, or from anywhere, while still serving the hospital, pet parents, and patients. This telehealth communication will relieve pressures from the hospital, allowing the in-clinic staff to focus their efforts on physical pets and in-person communications. Moreover, it affords the veterinary staff member time away from the clinic chaos and to focus on client communication and needs. Depending on the wants and needs of the hospital, this telehealth service can be utilized overnight. Later working hours may fit some staff members' schedules and lifestyles better while offering in-house triage to clientele.


There are small, easy ways to implement telehealth into your practice that can make big changes for your hospital and clients. With Anipanion, you can provide virtual healthcare while benefiting your veterinary staff, monetizing client communication, and satisfying pet parents.


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