Finding a Veterinary Telehealth Team Champion

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Finding a team member to lead your veterinary telehealth service is vital to the integration and success of the program. The person selected should genuinely believe that telehealth will improve patient care and client access, streamline communications, and overall benefit the practice. The telehealth team lead should be excited about virtual care through Anipanion and will champion the platform. This can be a veterinarian, technician, or hospital manager.


Qualities to look for in Telehealth Team Champion

  • Energetic
  • Respected leader
  • Heart of a teacher and mentor
  • Forward-thinker
  • Goalsetter
  • Lifelong learner


Responsibilities of Telehealth Team Champion

  • Educates the team about Anipanion platform
  • Shows the team how telehealth can benefit the practice
  • Creates telehealth hospital integration plan with the help of the hospital leadership team
  • Aligns telehealth service with strategy and goals of the practice
  • Troubleshooting
  • Provide continuing education opportunities and training about telehealth
  • Trains team on added telehealth services for the practice
  • Continues to improve service by collecting team feedback
  • Provides telehealth goals for the practice
  • Monitors progress of telehealth service with data and metrics


Veterinary perceptions of telehealth are a mixed bag. Some are really excited about the potential of telehealth in a veterinary setting while others are skeptical, anxious, or completely opposed. Finding a team member who can promote Anipanion’s telehealth platform can ease these tensions and fears, and show the practice how beneficial telehealth can be for clients, patients, and the hospital. Veterinary medicine has changed and our pet parents are seeking virtual vet care. Let your telehealth champion and Anipanion help your hospital add a valuable service and exceed client expectations.


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