Veterinary Telehealth: Getting the Whole Team Excited

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Veterinary telehealth is not just for vets! Anipanion’s telehealth platform is an invaluable service that encompasses the entire team. Here are a few ways to integrate telehealth into your veterinary team, and what types of things each team member can contribute to your practice’s telehealth program. Every team is different- some technicians may be able to provide more services than others or some of the animal care team can provide ancillary services like training or environmental consults for pocket pets. Discover what your team is good at, and let them provide their expertise to your clients!



Telehealth Team Leader

  • This can be a veterinarian, technician, or hospital manager
  • The telehealth team lead should be excited about telehealth and will champion the platform.
  • Shows team how Anipanion works
  • Educates team on how to enroll clients for Anipanion
  • Go to person for troubleshooting or offering new ideas and integrations
  • Provide continuing education opportunities about telehealth uses and service rollout for the practice
  • Provides telehealth goals for the practice and helps monitor progress
    • Ex. Get >50% of new clients signed up for Anipanion in the first 30 days
    • Ex. Schedule at least 3 telehealth sessions daily in 1st 30 days
    • Ex. Have each staff member complete 1 telehealth session in 1st week



Provide telemedicine services as VCPR permits:

  • Prescriptions and refills
  • Diagnosis
  • Recheck appointments
  • Behavior sessions
  • Chronic disease monitoring
  • QOL or end-of-life discussions
  • Grief counseling
  • Training sessions
  • Surgical rechecks
  • Educational sessions
  • Nutrition and diet coaching
  • Palliative/hospice care
  • Lab work results


Veterinary Technician

Provide general advice and triage: 

  • Does a pet need to be immediately, go to the ER, wait until tomorrow, can set an appointment for a future date
  • Recheck appointments
  • Pre-surgical information and check-ins
  • Post-surgical info and check-ins
  • Drop-off or curbside communications
  • Facilitate prescriptions and refills
  • Labwork results
  • New puppy/kitten info (101 classes)
  • More, depending on the skill level of your technician team


Customer Service Team

  • Markets to and enrolls clients for Anipanion
  • Provide Anipanion tutorial
  • Provide an example of how easy it is to use the Anipanion app
  • Collect client info
  • Schedule appointments, surgical procedures, drop-offs
  • Welcome to the hospital meet and greet for new clients
  • Provide pet parents with hospital updates through virtual communication:
      • New policies
      • New services
      • New product
      • New staff members
      • New happenings in veterinary medicine
  • Send personalized pet messages
      • Birthdays
  • Send reminders
    • Exams
    • Labwork
    • Vaccinations


Animal Care Team (Boarding, grooming, daycare)


Schedule a session with a groomer and any new grooming client

  • Pet parents can discuss and share photos of specific cuts, styles, and products with the groomer personally


Schedule a session with the kennel manager or leader with any new boarder or doggie daycare member

  • Can show the facility to the pet parent
  • Can discuss what a daily schedule will look like for the pet
  • Pet parents can provide specifics for the pet:
    • Feeding
    • Bedding
    • Medical issues
    • Medications needed during the stay
    • Any veterinary services needed during the stay


Managerial Staff

  • Can use telehealth platform to resolve client conflict
  • Meet and greet with new clients
  • Provide virtual hospital tours
  • Can send messages of appreciation to top clients



By switching over most regular communications to the Anipanion platform, the transcripts of chats can be recorded, you can save information easily into the medical record, pictures and videos can be shared and saved, and more. The interactions can be more convenient for clients than in-person appointments, team members can provide consultations or send messages from home or on flexible schedules, and you’ll strengthen your relationships with clients by providing them an easy, fast way to get a hold of your practice. 


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